Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Equip yourself. Learn about ovarian cyst symptoms.

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain can be brought on as one of the ovarian cyst symptoms. It may occur in the lower section, but it is not necessarily relegated to that area. This item is distinct from abdominal bloating, although the two may occur together.

Medical causes

Aside from having an ovarian cyst, other reasons can also lead to discomfort in the abdomen. This page only mentions a few of the many issues that might be behind such a sensation. Therefore, if you are experiencing abdominal pain, it doesn't mean that you have one of the few items that are presented here. If you would like to look for a diagnosis, please talk with a qualified individual, such as a doctor.

Crohn's disease (CD)

CD is an inflammatory illness. It involves the intestines and may impact any location of the GI tract. For instance, canker sores can appear in the mouth. Abdominal pain is typical, and may be the first thing that shows up signaling that the person has CD. Bloating may also be felt by the patient. It is thought that both genetics and environmental factors are involved in the development of CD. Once a person has been diagnosed, the condition may be managed in various ways, although there is no known cure for it. Often, changes to the diet are made. If the person is smoking, he might stop. Certain medications may be used. In some situations, surgery is performed. Another name for this disease is regional enteritis.


There are various forms of hepatitis. Many cases are brought on by viral infection (such as A, B, and C). Other types also exist, though, such as the alcoholic form, an autoimmune type, and others. In general, hepatitis refers to inflammation of the person's liver. Symptoms and treatment may vary from one kind to another, as well as from case to case.


In pancreatitis, the individual has inflammation that impacts his pancreas. This illness can be acute as well as chronic. The former typically lasts for a matter of days, while in the case of the latter, the problem continues for years. Abdominal pain that presents in pancreatitis is in the upper abdomen, and can be intense. This discomfort branches out to the person's back. The person may have a fever. Jaundice is sometimes seen. Both nausea and vomiting are commonly noted. Treatment may vary based on how serious the situation is. Relieving pain and giving the patient sufficient liquid and salt are two of the several points that medical personnel may use in treating the patient.